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4 Simple Methods to Stop Overthinking

Frank Geraci Los Angeles

Although everyone thinks about situations now and then, some individuals are afflicted by a constant stream of thoughts at all times. People who are constantly overthinking reminisce on conversations they have had in the past and second-guess every move they are making, and envision catastrophic outcomes throughout the day, every single day.

Take note of the time you’re stuck in Your Head.

Overthinking is a habit that you aren’t aware that your thinking is causing you to. Begin to pay attention to your thinking patterns, so you’re aware of the issue.

If you’re replaying the same events in your head repeatedly or worrying about issues that you cannot control, recognize that it’s not productive. Thinking is only useful when it results in positive action.

Concentrate on Problem-Solving

Doing nothing about your issues isn’t a good idea, but looking for solutions is. If the issue is one you can have control over, Consider ways to avoid the problem or come up with five solutions.

If there’s something that you can’t control–like natural disasters, consider ways to deal with it. Concentrate on the aspects you control, such as your attitude and efforts.

Question Your Thoughts

It’s easy to be lost in negative thoughts. Therefore, before you decide that taking a sick day is likely to cause you to be fired or that missing the deadline could cause you to lose your home, be aware that your thoughts could be exaggeratedly negative.

Keep in mind that your feelings will affect your ability to view things rationally. Reconsider your position and examine the evidence. Do you possess evidence to support your belief is correct? Do you possess evidence to prove you aren’t right?

Schedule Time to Reflect

Doing nothing but pondering your problems for long periods isn’t effective, but a short contemplation can be helpful. Looking at ways to improve your approach or recognize possible pitfalls in your plan will help you to perform better over time.

Include twenty minutes’ worth of “thinking time” in your day-to-day routine. During this time, allow yourself to worry about, think, or ponder about whatever you like.

Once your time has expired, take a break and move on to another task. When you begin thinking about things that aren’t within the time you have set, remind yourself you’ll need to wait until you have your “thinking moment” to resolve those issues within your head.

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