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In this blog, you can know about the press releases, daily habits, good skills, success habits and lifestyle of frank Geraci.

Frank Geraci Los Angeles

Morality makes a person perfect – Frank Geraci

The value of our life does not depend on the number of years we live, but on the morals that we maintain throughout our lives. Moral values ​​play an important role in deciding what to do and what not to…


The Qualities of a Good Judge – Frank Geraci

What qualities of a candidate for judicial office should be recognized and then pursued? MSBA's Special Diversified and Balanced Committee, which investigated and deliberated on the matter for two years, concluded that the process for appointing and selecting judges should…

Frank Geraci Los Angels

Frank Geraci’s Thoughts on the Justice System

I agreed to write this article, after initially refusing, because I believed my story could help parents manage their LD children. Almost every week I see an undiagnosed or untreated disabled child express their frustration in an antisocial way. I…

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