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Frank Geraci – Believe In Yourself & Make Changes To Your Life

Frank Geraci

We weren’t sure how we’d ever be admitted to our dream school or get the job we wanted and find the right partner, shed the excess weight, stop smoking, be smart enough, skilled enough, attractive enough, and successful enough. These difficult times are the time to trust ourselves most to be brave enough to take the leap of faith instead of being timid and held back by fears.

Decide To Believe In Yourself

It may appear to be an easy, no-brainer suggestion, but it’s the most effective. Deciding to believe is a conscious choice.

However, every day you must choose to be a believer regardless. Even if no one believes in you, you need to be the most confident in yourself because you have to believe in everyone.

Live As If You’re Already the Person You Believe Yourself to Be

When we elevate our beliefs, thoughts, and actions to reflect our desires and goals at the same time, we can become who we desire to become naturally.

It’s like if you’re a negative who always complains and becomes angry, it is natural that you be more aware of negative aspects because you’re being and thinking negatively.

Redefine The Phrase “be yourself”

“Fake it until you make it” is only partly real. I’ve heard of people saying they do not wish to “pretend” to believe they are a different person and feel like they’re a “fake.” They want to be authentic as well as “be authentic.”

What does it mean to be you? If you’re satisfied with your present situation, that’s great. You can remain where you are. However, if you’re unhappy with your present situation and would like to be better than you are, then you need to change and grow to become a completely new person.

Your thoughts shape your actions. But you can also use your actions to reinforce your thoughts – Frank Geraci Los Angeles

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