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Frank Geraci on How Success Cannot be achieved without Pain

Frank Geraci

There is a very famous quote we all must be familiar with. It is ‘No Pain, No Gain.’ This is what Frank Geraci intends to tell us here.

Dreaming of making it big in the world? Well, are you really ready for it? Attaining something huge is not a child’s play. We need to be completely adjustable to any circumstance that might come up.

Frank Geraci has rightly said, “Pain is only temporary, but victory is forever. Success cannot be achieved without pain. You definitely have to go through pain if you want to win the game.”

The 3 key points to remember

1. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst – The ladder of success is not an easy one to climb onto. In other words, we must be very careful in moving ahead. There will be a huge number of times when we will feel frustrated. Nevertheless we need to carry on. This spirit of moving ahead no matter what is very important to cultivate. In other words, as Frank Geraci says success without pain is not possible. We have to lose something in order to gain something noteworthy.

2. Firm Conviction – The main criterion for a successful endeavor is conviction. This implies that we are truly convinced of our specific aspirations. We strive to achieve it under all circumstances. We don’t care about the hurdles that come on our way. In fact, these hurdles appear to us as small pebbles. In other words, they subsequently become less difficult to overcome as we move ahead. Such an unflinching faith helps us a great deal. They pave the pathway to success in a more concrete manner.

3. Have Patience – Frank Geraci says that pains are temporary. In other words, we can be relieved to know that going through pain is part of the phenomenon. It is not the whole phenomenon in itself. In other words, this clearly shows us the picture of the temporary aspect of pains and troubles in our life.

If we are really patient then it is possible to tolerate any kind of adversities in life. Tolerance inturn makes us immune to any kind of pain in life. In other words, we become very much accustomed. The concerned ailment or problem makes us more focused and diligent towards moving ahead.


Therefore, we see in the above 3 points that battling with pain is a tough job. But, if skillfully handled it can turn the entire situation into a favorable one. This whole transformation is one of the biggest asset achieved during the whole process.

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