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Frank Geraci – Turn Failure Into a Successful Part of Your Life

Lawyer Frank Geraci

Do you have any questions about how certain people manage failings with such ease? They accept setbacks with grace and don’t let anything stop them from pursuing their objectives. How do they accomplish this? Are they that more resilient than us? Yes, they are.

Develop a Positive Perspective on Failure

Inviting people to adopt an optimistic outlook on failure is likely to be met with resistance. The reason for failure is that it’s not the outcome we’d like, So why be able to feel positive about it? It results from the notion that having a positive outlook is a sign that you’re willing to be unsuccessful.

Of course, we would like to be successful every day. It isn’t how success operates, and in reality, the higher your expectations, the greater chance of failure likely to happen. However, that doesn’t mean that you must be averse to failures.

“The distinction between people who are average and those who achieve is their perspective of and responses to failure. ” – Frank Geraci Los Angeles.

Recognize what’s in Your Control

You’re likely to be overwhelmed by anger in the aftermath of failure. You could be angry at your environment, yourself or failing itself. This type of emotion typically results in you looking for control. Everyone wants to feel helpless. It is why anger can be an emotional reaction that is safe.

If you’re ever facing failure, try making a point of focusing on these important areas:

  • Your Thoughts: What thoughts pop into your mind when you make a mistake? Do you blame yourself or employ positive and positive self-talk?
  • The way you think about it: What’s your mindset towards the possibility of failure? Instead of seeing this as an individual loss, could you take it as an opportunity to learn?
  • Your Focus: Are you focused on your past, reminiscing about everything you could’ve done better? Do you focus all your energy and attention on improving your self-awareness and moving towards your goals?

View Failure as a Learning Experience

Although we might not influence what happens to us when we fail, we have an incomplete ability to determine what we think about failure. We believe that failure should be seen in a negative light.

Adhering to this notion can lead to the fear of failure being a constant source of stress. We accumulate all the negative and dangerous consequences of the possibility of failure, which is why it’s easy to be scared of occurring to us.

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