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Influence, innovation and content are the keys to our success – Frank Geraci


As a leader, Frank Geraci believes that it is clearly important to recognize and appreciate the work of his team. And it’s not just about your work environment; It means appreciating people in any context, especially when they deserve it. He believes that this important characteristic is lacking in most people today; It is common for people/leaders to take full credit for their team’s efforts.

They have witnessed cases in many areas, both personally and professionally, where people are so hungry for success and admit that they do not recognize the contributions of others, which indicates a major failure on the part of the leader. he is.

When it gets real about a one-sided business trip, Frank Geraci admits he struggles to find a work-life balance. It feels hard to maintain it constantly. Here are some of the strategies you use to achieve this:

Harness the Strength: Play smart on your strengths and gain new strengths within you.

Time priority: consists of dividing time into three fronts:

  1. Urgent and important business
  2. Important but not urgent work
  3. Urgent but not important work

Guarantee “Time for Me”: …

Different working hours: It includes a different set of working hours that are followed religiously.

Financial management: This involves a certain amount of time to manage personal finances.

Home Workspace: An informal home workspace is needed to make work enjoyable.

How does Frank Geraci guarantee satisfaction?

Happy employees are more creative and productive, it’s a known fact. They are also less likely to leave. Frank Geraci and his team accepted it, thus espousing some ideals of employee satisfaction. And this is:

  • Prefer to reconcile personal and professional life.
  • Make employees part of the bigger picture.
  • Ensure transparency with employees.
  • Encourage communication in common areas.
  • Create a career path for each employee.
  • Promote a positive work environment.
  • Recognize and reward employees frequently.
  • Bring benefits outside of your base.
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