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Life provides opportunities to satisfy our desire to feel free – Frank Geraci

Frank Geraci Los Angels

Why not? Share this joy with others but we have to understand that life brings opportunities and we have to be ready to seize them when it comes to us.

Life brings opportunities to seize, and a sense of freedom is one of humanity’s oldest aspirations, so we believe it is important for you and your environment to become familiar with and understand these ideologies.

Our Desire to Feel Free: Humanity’s Oldest Desire

Everyone is responsible for making and making the decisions that they direct their lives with, good or bad, everyone is capable of achieving what they are fighting for, and in general. Our desire to feel free is one of the points that bind us together.

For centuries, we have continued to fight for freedom of speech, thought, and action in every way (as long as it remains within acceptable margins). Any form of representation of freedom is an idea that we aspire to, because we can never quite achieve it.

However, this does not mean that it is not possible. Motivation and positive thinking are key to promoting this type of thinking, but you and I can begin to break free now. We have the tools and ways to make it happen because life brings opportunities; All you need is some common sense and some general and personal support.

How do you ask for freedom?

As mentioned above, our desire to feel free within us, along with any other changes we wish to make, begins with reactions to our surroundings and how we achieve our independence. , Consequently. To do this, we must be individually independent of both body and mind.

We will always find external limitations that make us want to “shut up” or reduce ourselves to feel this way, and it’s one of the only (but most important) accomplishments we can have in our lives. But our courage and will to do so will serve as tools to avoid these problems and to overcome any challenge because life offers us opportunities.

Always remember the following points:

  • Courage
  • Important
  • Willpower

These are the mainstays on the path to our desire to feel free, and if we know how to control these ideals, we can open the door to endless opportunities that will lead us down the positive path to personal satisfaction. , which leads to a better perspective of the world around us.


Life brings opportunities, and we are sure that efforts will be rewarded in the long run, so any sacrifices are necessary to achieve goals and dreams.

Freedom is the most beautiful form of expression and liberation, and it is easy to achieve, all we need is to use all our energy for it.

Your opinion is very important to us! That’s why we invite you to use the comments area to share your thoughts.

Frank Geraci – Frank Geraci Los Angeles

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