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Morality makes a person perfect – Frank Geraci

Frank Geraci Los Angeles

The value of our life does not depend on the number of years we live, but on the morals that we maintain throughout our lives. Moral values ​​play an important role in deciding what to do and what not to do. Thus, from this point of view, morals are the distinguishing features of a great man.

By the time we were born on Earth, the time, place, and date of our death were determined. Every living creature dies in its natural state, which is a great loss for your family and friends. But if a person loses the sense of moral values ​​in his life, then this loss is tantamount to death. Mankind dies in man while man is alive. This is the real end.

Is death really a loss?

Yes! Death causes loss. We were able to see the dead person physically as there is no possibility of him appearing physically after death. So it’s a loss in a way. Although we live in a technologically advanced society, no scientific invention can prevent death. Death is inevitable. True, it is difficult to say goodbye to those close to you.

Physical death causes the physical absence of our loved ones, but what really happens when people die inside? It is even more painful when such things happen to someone. Regardless, the death of our joy of life, the desire to live together in happiness and pain is a real death.

What is moral death?

We teach moral and ethical values ​​to our children so that they can apply them in their lives. Life without morals is like a ship without a sea. Our moral values ​​show us the right way when we are feeling confused, whether it is right or wrong. Which one do you choose?

Our mind is constantly governed by our morals. But not all of us really follow his opinion. Those people who think only of themselves and are never concerned with the well-being of society and others, die inside. No one remembers him after his death.

On the other hand, we sincerely remember those people who have done at least one good deed for others, because people are always remembered for their great deeds and not for their years.

What is soul death?

Living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment despite difficult circumstances is a life worth living.

There are a lot of people around us, who struggle day in and day out, work hard for a living, but are always happy. The cruelty of life could not take away the happiness of life.

On the other hand, some of the so-called rich are sad and desperate. They have lost the will to live. They are alive physically, but their souls died long ago.

How to live your life with enthusiasm and morals

Man is the maker of his own destiny. From the very beginning of your career, you have to decide how you want to live your life. Because there are limits to certain rules and duties in our lives, we can feel monotonous. But it is the positivity of the attitude that can find happiness in every small daily action.

Take, for example, a housewife or the traffic police. They have done the same duty for years with the same spirit and energy. It’s not a journey to deal with a serious state of mind once in a while. We can live even after we die if we live the present life with a smile.


Frank Geraci says that there is no contradiction between being moral and being happy and cheerful. It all depends on how we control them. We can live a happy and happy life by applying our morals and ethics whenever the need arises. It is the royal way of life.

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