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Success Secrets to Overcoming Challenges – Frank Geraci

Frank Geraci

Many successful people say that they have faced many obstacles, faced many negative tides, etc., but have they all met them successfully? Are you one of those people who work hard to succeed in your career, entrepreneurship or to achieve your goals?

So you also have to fight like them and face all the challenges. Don’t worry, we have Frank Geraci‘s success mantra that many people apply to go to heaven. “Kites fly against the wind, not with the wind,” he says.

Have you ever wondered how kites fly in the air? It won’t blow against the wind, but it will slip with the wind. Likewise, one has to face hurdles and hurdles on the way to success, and one must learn how to manage those hurdles. It allows them to become stronger and stronger to meet the challenges of the future. We have to fight an intense battle to achieve our goals.

We are here for a purpose. We have to use our skills to find and improve it in our lives. The truth is that every living thing does its job; Each creature faces its own daily challenges.

Have you ever wondered how a butterfly gets honey? They have to travel hundreds of kilometers to find flowers in large quantities in order to obtain nectar.

Interestingly, seven out of ten butterflies broke their wings, but how well do they do? They are confident and strong enough to fly even with a broken wing. What lesson do we have?

We have so many other wonderful powers besides the butterfly, don’t you think we should be better able to challenge ourselves to achieve our goals than this little winged butterfly?

Create a new viewing angle for obstacles

Remember kites, what happens when a strong east wind blows? We are changing direction. If so, why not change our perspective to look at obstacles from clearer angles, perhaps because of our own imperfections? See how it will help you better equip yourself in the future, reinvent new techniques to deal with it, and change your mind to determine why.

In the face of challenges

Remember that a butterfly should fly with what it has, so why not understand our limitations and see the advice of experienced people? Did you already know yourself and understand correctly? Why not make him your mentor, follow the advice of coaches, experts or mentors?

Take deep breath; Think about how to control it in the present. Think about what can be done to eliminate this problem so that it does not appear again in the future. If not, why can’t you better prepare yourself for a similar challenge in the future?

By asking these questions, you will adapt to face whatever obstacles stand in your way to success. After analysis, take notes before taking decisive action.

Think critically and accept the paths

When you develop a critical mind, you can face situations. Focus on the positive, not the negative. Never give up and never give up. Accept more challenges, face them with courage, and above all, keep your heart at peace with a smile on your face.

Any big problem can be solved with a smile because it gives you the best possible frame of mind and the best ways of thinking and solving.


Always learn from your mistakes, and remember that you are working on the pyramids, so you never forget your path, the steps you have already taken, or the challenges you have gone through.

All of them will help you gain confidence and achieve your goals and ambitions.

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