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Victory is a real thing that lasts forever – Frank Geraci

Frank Geraci

What do you think of the pain? How concerned are you with what other people think about your pain and dedication to sports? no thing. win or lose. not this? You have been through a lot of suffering, but what matters in the end is your victory.

Victory is eternal. Remember you made history. Your victory is written in the pages of history. But remember, my friend, your pain was not mentioned in conjunction with this victory. Your pain is temporary.

Frank Geraci has rightly said, “Pain is only temporary, but victory is forever. Success cannot be achieved without pain. You definitely have to go through pain if you want to win the game.”

You will sweat. The calf muscles will contract. You will feel tired but remember that this suffering is nothing compared to the joy of victory.

Remember, when the whole world gives you a standing ovation for your victory. Remember that your parents are smiling somewhere in the crowd. Imagine your friends cheering madly for your victory in the game.

When all of these things can be felt, the pain will automatically go away. These joys do not compare to pain.

Victory and pain

There is a link between victory and pain. Do you know what is the more you struggle for your goal, the closer you are to winning the game.

The pain, in fact, becomes temporary after a victory. You don’t always remember that you were so much for him, but that victory will always be remembered by everyone. The pain will be remembered, but the pain of the pain will be forgotten.

You have to understand that the pain you create for yourself is nothing compared to the joy you feel when you win the game.

There is a well-established relationship between victory and pain. If you are in more pain, you are closer to the goal. In fact, it strengthens your character and improves your chances of winning the game.

Not only does the pain improve, but each muscle spasm reminds you that reaching your goals isn’t easy for anyone. Remember, if the goal you’re trying to achieve is too easy, it won’t be as valuable to you right now.

Pain is something that not everyone can bear

The pain is unbearable. It is he who is exceptionally tolerant of pain and achieves the best results. It is he who bears the pain engraved in the pages of history very well.

Suffering is not just for everyone. If you can stand these harsh experiences, remember that you deserve to be made on the pages of history.

If everyone had put up with the pain, nothing would have made it difficult for you to achieve the success you are trying to achieve. So God made this goal out of the reach of the common man. You are not an ordinary guy and you have to prove it if you really want to show off your in-game winnings.

The pain is real but temporary

Yes, temporary like pain, but the pain is really real. He will try to chase him away from the target. He will try to push him away. But it will be your determination that will reprimand the pain of doing your own business.

Go and tell the world that the pain you’re going through is just a few hills. The mountains are yet to come but you can’t look back at any cost because you want to see the sunrise from the top of the mountain.

You have to overcome all these pains for your victory. You can only do this if you are intent on doing so.

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