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Your day will come if you continue to work patiently – Frank Geraci

Frank Geraci

Millennials are an impatient bunch. They need everything in life from fast food to fast cars. For those who slow down their day, that doesn’t mean they’re losers. In fact, everyone has a unique life; Each of them has a unique schedule. In this race, everyone runs on their own track.

Be patient and believe that people often do the impossible

Patience and perseverance are two qualities that enable people to realize their ambitions in life. When you embark on a noble mission or ambition, the most important is not the speed with which you go, but persistence and perseverance. Many who run give up their efforts once they encounter the first hurdle.

People who lack patience always measure their progress with others and give up easily without knowing how others started their journey and where it will end. But sooner or later, those who win are the ones who never stop.

If you look at the life around you, you will be amazed at how many people have achieved the impossible just by walking.

Choose to do what you love to do

People often do and succeed in what they see others do. They forgot that everyone’s DNA is different. Some are good at one thing, and some are good at another.

Forcing yourself to follow others can be the root cause of your failure in life. Remember that you are unique and that you received unique gifts.

When you make an informed decision about what to do with what you love to do, the dice are already stacked in your favour. Your passion will push you forward.

The time you spend will be more enjoyable and it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go. Enjoying the view along the way and living your life to the fullest is a bonus in itself.

Stay focused on what you do best

Everyone has a talent they are good at. It may be a talent such as singing or music, a skill such as sports and games, or the ability to think or inquire.

When you focus on what you can do best, there are many areas in which you can be successful and excel. Do not follow what others do, that is, for the sake of the sheep. As a rational person, learn your basic skills, and then follow your dreams.

When you go after what you are best for, you are naturally at your best. So it doesn’t matter if you’re going fast or slow in the eyes of others.


What matters in life is the destiny you set for yourself. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to reach you, because the circumstances in your life are unique to you. Even if you progress slowly, you are getting closer to your goals.

Keep working hard, even if your goals are in sight. Be patient and keep chanting slogans to celebrate every achievement that comes your way. As long as you keep going, you’ll be on your way.

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